I think that the way woman and men relate to each other is changing and I like it. Also, I think that women should lead the world. Men are idiots, including me. Women can understand what’s going on better and that’s why they are more sensitive than men. At least in my personal experience. Men are always focused on the competition, as an obsession. But I think that we could learn a lot from women [especially if we] managed problems from a feminine point of view.

guess who’s blogging at her birthday party


Why would anyone want a baby when they could have a cat. Have you ever seen/touched/held a cat? They are obviously far superior.

life tip: listen to the up soundtrack while you do homework because it gets really intense and you work faster

my mom just asked me if i was okay.. i didnt understand until i realized that i was making faces at my computer screen again

“But if you stay angry all the time, and you prey on that one emotion, and you keep flexing it like a muscle, and that’s the only muscle, you have to wonder what would happen. So, I don’t know if I’m making any sense…”